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"One's skill is truely valued only when it’s used for society's well-being."
This quote is what truly defines the emotions underlying TST's services. With a vision to achieve inclusive community development, TST focuses on contributing to our society through tech-enablement of not-for-profit institutions.We provide an unique combination of no-cost-high-impact services that focus upon areas like internal process optimisation.

Our offerings, like technology consulting and digitisation, aim at enhancing your service delivery along with desired social outcomes. TST's analytics and accounting services can reveal existing opportunities along with newer horizons for your NGO.

Noted scholar Victor Hugo once said that nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. This resonates with TST's view for technology in non-profit sector. To adapt with the dynamic world while ensuring effective social outomes, allow us to help you make this world a better place to live in.

The Changemaker’s Initiative

This is a call for like minded individuals who want to contribute to our cause. We are sure, there are individuals and organizations in Finance & Technology who think on the similar lines as us but do not get the platform to contribute.

We at TST want to create a community of such individuals who we can add-on to our team. This will help us cater to more number of non-profits at a time plus also grow our knowledge pool and experience.

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