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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting focuses on advising organizations on how to best use technology to achieve their business objectives. We at The Social Tech understand your unique cause & problem domain, to come up with custom-tailored solutions. We draft a plan of action and also suggest steps on how you can achieve it. We also help you with various Technology Grants that can provide you withTech Products and Services for free or at a low cost.


Digitization focuses on streamlining your manual and physical processes and converting them into digital ones. Non-Profits typically struggle with legacy old paper-based processes and online digital presence. We at The Social Tech, offer a wide range of services to cater to this domain area.
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Data Management & Analytics

Data Management & Analytics focus on properly maintaining and storing your data in order to generate insights / MIS reports out of it. We at The Social Tech, help non-profit who have data digitalised but scattered across systems to consolidate them under on common data store. This helps us to keep track of the data as well as to draw meaningful insights out of it. A common data store can also help the non-profits in streamlining processes and maintaining a proper audit trail.

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting focuses on providing support towards these areas in the non-profit. Non-profits typically have to hire staff for even the most trivial book keeping. We at The Social Tech can hep you out with it. We can also suggest you our available teammates who can person audits for you. We can also help non-profits with their documentation and for applying certifications with various agencies like 80G, 12A and FCRA .

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